our story

Alison Animal Hospital grew out of Alex's conviction that one's work could and should be personally fulfilling, while being performed at the highest level of expertise and service. After college, he experienced corporate culture for a dozen years. But it was not until the loss of his beloved younger teenage sister, Alison, that Alex knew he must follow his heart: to care for animals as a medical doctor. After years of academic preparation, a lot of hard work, and hands-on animal experience as a veterinarian, his goal has reached fruition. AAH embodies Alex's very personal statement about what he has chosen to do for the rest of his life. It is a place where love, caring and professional expertise combine to form a wellspring of vitality for the companion animals whom we adore.

Our practice philosophy is to exemplify medicine's highest values: commitment to service, community involvement, altruism and leadership in and on behalf of the veterinary profession. Our approach is one of science, logic and compassion. Every pet is precious and individual. We are independent thinkers. We are not part of any group or larger entity and have worked hard to resist any contract pricing with vendors and reference labs which might compromise our freedom. We work solely for our patients and their owners. We believe that combining freedom of business with freedom of thought is the prerequisite for the highest level care.

Our brand new, innovative hospital was built to reflect and support the high quality of medicine practiced within it. By incorporating noise management, odor/pathogen control and traffic flow, we have created a calm environment where animals, clients and staff feel comfortable and efficiency is prioritized. Our hospital has been designed to offer the latest technology in diagnostics, medicine and advanced surgery right in the heart of Windsor Terrace.

our team


Dr. Alex Klein grew up in Great Neck, New York with animal-loving parents. As a child, he was a puppy walker for Seeing Eyes for the Blind and endured the continual cycle of attaching to and separating from deliciously adorable Lab puppies. He served as a volunteer EMT/fireman during his high school and college years and always had an interest in medicine and technology. He graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in 1995. After a dozen years in the fast-paced IT corporate world, Alex decided to face the daunting and exciting challenge of transforming his career. He attended CCNY at night in order to complete post-baccalaureate coursework and worked on an upstate farm, ultimately leading to his acceptance into Cornell University Veterinary School. Alex has since worked in private practice and animal rescue/shelter facilities. Alex performs all soft tissue surgery and especially enjoys working with his team. Alex lives right in Windsor Terrace with his wife Lisa, his two sons Noam and Oren, his dog Cranberry, his cat Snowball, his bearded dragon Lizzie and a family of budgies.


Dr. Susan Ryan grew up right here, in Windsor Terrace. As a child, she often hid stray cats and kittens in her garage, taking care of them until her mother found out. Susan knew early on that she wanted to be a veterinarian, as she always loved caring for animals. While pursuing this dream and obtaining her Associates Degree in Animal Science at Farmingdale State University, Susan worked in a variety of positions within a local veterinary hospital, from receptionist to veterinary technician. Susan obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Milan in Italy, with her clinical year at Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama. Over the past seven years, she has been a veterinarian in private practice in Brooklyn. Susan believes in a holistic approach when working with her patients and their families. Her deep commitment to them is evidenced not only by her medical expertise, but the time she takes to listen and the comprehensive care she gives them. She believes in the integration of Western and Eastern veterinary practices and given this proclivity, she is a graduate of the Chi Institute in Florida. Susan presently lives in Park Slope with her two rescue cats, Sophie and Shrimpy. She enjoys walks in Prospect Park and biking around the neighborhood. Susan loves gardening and can also can be found walking dogs for Sean Casey.

Dr. Viorel Revenco

Dr. Revenco was born in a small country in eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, named The Republic of Moldova. Dr. Revenco and his family had multiple animals at home including cats, dogs and a lot of parrots. After his middle school graduation he realized that he wanted to be a veterinarian. An interesting fact about Dr. Revenco is that his sister and aunt are both also Veterinarians. Animal care and compassion is a big factor in his family. While his father wanted him to be a human doctor, the call to care for animals was strong and he followed his passion. He started veterinary school in Moldova, then continued in the small town of Tartu in Estonia. He graduated in 2019 and relocated to Brooklyn where he lives with his wife and son. Dr. Revenco enjoys visiting National Parks with his family in his down time.

Noam Landor, Practice Manager

Noam's love for animals started at a young age, the love turned to passion for animal welfare when her family got their first dog. Since then she's immersed herself in anything animal related, from caring for neighborhood strays, to African Safari visits and volunteering at Thai Elephant sanctuaries. Her love and passion for animals led her to North Shore Animal League, which connected her with Alex. Noam saw her values come to life at Alison Animal Hospital and has helped build the practice with compassion, empathy and love. Noam lives in Queens and has a labrador-sharpei-pitbull mix named Falafel.

Lily Eris, LVT, Head Technician

Lilly's love for animals started early on when she would do whatever she could to feed stray animals as a young child in her hometown of Istanbul, Turkey. She moved to Brooklyn, NY with her family when she was 8 years old and her love for animals never outgrew her. After finishing high school, she joined the US Navy for 4 years, but knew in her heart that she always wanted to work with animals so after getting out of the navy moving back home to NY, she attended LaGuardia Community College and received her degree and license as a Veterinary Technician in 2006. Over the past 9 years, she has enjoyed learning and eventually teaching others about what it takes to be vet tech. She happily joined Alison Animal Hospital in January 2015 and has been very fortunate to be part of a wonderful team. Lilly lives in Brooklyn with her husband and their 10 year old cat Sammy. She loves to travel and enjoys the outdoors.

Jarlin Nunez, veterinary assistant

Jarlin grew up with basically every possible animal allowed in Brooklyn; everything but a snake. She says her three possible career paths were police officer, fashionista, or working with animals. With a heart too big to do anything else, we are fortunate to have her here at Alison Animal where she provides wonderful care for our patients and always comes up with new ways to improve the hospital. Her current menagerie of animals includes Grey, a 116 pound Great Dane, Diego, a Shihtzu, Crumbs, a male cat who steals toys from other pets, Athena, an FIV positive cat and Zeus, her fatty cat. All of Jarlin's animals are rescues.

Beach Brooks, veterinary assistant

The first pet that Beach fell in love with was his childhood golden retriever, Gucci. From there, his adoration for animals grew to include creatures both domesticated and not - leading to a volunteer position at a hometown wildlife sanctuary that lasted throughout high school. After stints as a graduate student and a restaurant shift supervisor in Philadelphia, Beach moved to Brooklyn looking for a fresh start and wanted to somehow rekindle his interest in animal care. He found that AAH genuinely reminded him of the amazing sanctuary staff he worked with when he was younger and couldn’t join the team soon enough! When he’s not learning and growing as a newer member of the veterinary world, Beach loves to birdwatch, play guitar, and continue to search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Nataly Pesantez, Veterinary Assistant

Nataly comes from Ecuador where she spent 10 years working in veterinary medicine. Her love for animals radiates a wonderful energy which we are thrilled to have at Alison. She frequently rescues and goes through the lengthy process of tending to and healing very sick animals so that they can find eventual homes. She has a history of working with lions, monkeys, farm animals and exotics. Nataly has traveled around all of South America and Canada and lives with her three sweet fur babies in Long Island.

Matthew Santiago, office manager/veterinary assistant

Matthew has spent his career as a dedicated Veterinary Assistant. In addition to his 7 years of experience, he brings a great energy to AAH. Matt lives with his 20 year Jack Russell terrier and his 6 year old cat. Matt is a true crime buff who loves to solve mysteries with his pets in his spare time. Matthew has loved animals since he was a young kid and that love comes through in his care for our patients.

Joshua Maynard, veterinary assistant

Joshua was born in Guyana and relocated to Brooklyn. Being a life-long animal lover, Joshua began working at Sean Casey Animal Rescue in 2018 where he was a Kennel Manager. Josh lives in Brooklyn with his menagerie of pets including a blue and gold Macaw named Max, a Senegal parrot named Peanut, two cats named Onyx and Sterling, a tripod German Shepherd rescue from Russia named Shurik and a labradoodle rescue named Cocoa. Josh spends his down time volunteering for a Wildlife Rehabilitation caring for birds of prey among others.

Palina Lukashonak, Veterinary Assistant

Palina was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus. She grew up with 3 guinea pigs and a dog, and her love and compassion for animals was visible from a young age. After high school she attended a two year veterinary program and completed it with excellent scores. Palina relocated to Brooklyn, NY where she lives with her family and adorable little Pekingese, Sonia. Palina spent many years competitively figure skating and hopes to pick it back up in her spare time. She joined Alison Animal Hospital as a step towards realizing her dream of becoming a Veterinarian.

Marsha Leandre, Reception Services/Social Media Manager

Born in New York and raised in Haiti, Marsha has been a huge animal lover for her entire life. She grew up an only child but with many pets and to this day she can’t live without having a furry friend in her life. She is very grateful for having the opportunity to join the team at Alison Animal Hospital, where she gets to see so many amazing pets and connect with them. Marsha recently graduated from SUNY Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and she is pursuing her masters degree in public health. During her free time she enjoys reading, dancing and playing with her dog.

Althia Morancie-Edwards, Reception Services

Althia's huge love for animals has propelled her into Veterinary Medicine. She is one year away from Veterinary School and we can't wait to see the wonderful vet she becomes. Althia is interested in veterinary surgery and cardiology. She lives and studies in Brooklyn and enjoys spending time with her family and friends, she also loves to bake and swim.

Kalli Perry-Ford, Reception Services

Kalli spent most of her childhood bringing home stray cats in need of medical attention, which was her first step into veterinary care. As an adult her love for animals led her to volunteer at the ASPCA, followed by long-term employment at an animal E.R. Kalli lives in Brooklyn with her family and their 2 cats. Kalli is also a licensed aesthetician and is able to see the beauty in all living things, and is dedicated to making life beautiful for all pets. She enjoys bike riding and watching movies in her free time.

Faith Evans, Reception Services

Faith was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She has had a love for all animals for as long as she could remember. At age 9, Faith got her first pet (a turtle), which she still has. She also owned a guinea pig, rabbit and now is a dog mom. With her love for animals she has always aspired to work in the veterinary field, she started off with dog walking and volunteered at ASPCA. Faith is very grateful to be able to join the team at Alison Animal Hospital, where she is able to gain more knowledge in the field that she is pursuing. After receiving her bachelors in biology, she plans to apply for Veterinary School. In her down time she enjoys vlogging, making memories with close friends and family, and traveling.

Yelisa Nunez, Facilities

Yelissa is a Brooklyn native and helps us keep our hospital looking and operating great. It’s not an easy job to make sure that every day our patients, clients and staff are able to operate in an environment which is clean, well maintained and continually upgraded. Yelissa cleans, paints, helps with construction and makes sure we are ready for the next day. We are so fortunate to have her and the positive energy she brings to the practice.