General Wellness Exams

We recommend a yearly wellness exam for a healthy lifestyle and preventive care.

Diagnostic Services

Our hospital has the latest diagnostic tools to assess your pet’s health profile. We have several blood analyzers to provide rapid diagnostic values for serum chemistry, hematology, serology, pre-surgery analysis, and parasite testing.  

Laboratory Services

Through our partnership with a commercial veterinary laboratory we are able to provide specialized testing and consultations.


We use digital radiology equipment (X-ray) for both general medicine and surgery as well as for all dental work. We partner with boarded veterinary radiologists for online consultations should they be required.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Klein performs a wide range of soft tissue surgeries and some orthopedic procedures. Prior to all surgeries a complete physical examination, routine blood work and often imaging are all performed. All general anesthesia protocols are designed specifically for each pet individually using specific drugs based on a multitude of variables. As well the instrumentation used for monitoring patients while under anesthesia is state of the art and monitored throughout the procedure by a veterinary technician.

Dental Surgery

Dental health is a top priority at Alison Animal Hospital as 70-80% of companion pets suffer from periodontal disease which can greatly affect quality of life. All dental work is performed on site on an outpatient basis. Prior to all dental work Dr. Klein will perform a physical examination and review the specifics of the case.

Orthopedic Surgery

We offer full diagnostics and a pre-surgical workup for complex orthopedic surgeries. Once the diagnostics are completed, we refer out to an Orthopedic Surgeon at a Specialty Hospital that has the option for overnight care.

Sedated Examinations

At times, for the safety and emotional comfort of your pet (and our staff), we will recommend a sedated examination. A sedated exam is a mild form of anesthesia whereby certain drugs are used to both calm the patient and possibly cause momentary unconsciousness.  The goal of a sedated exam is to achieve higher quality treatments and diagnostic options which could not be performed if the patient were fully awake. Patient selection, condition of the patient, temperament and the degree of work to be performed are all factors in determining whether sedation is appropriate or not

Microchip Implantation

We implant and register HomeAgain 15 digit ISO compliant microchips. These microchips are temperature and ID scan enabled. We take care of registering these chips after we implant them.

Pharmacy & prescription food

Our clinic carries Royal Canin, Hills, and Blue Buffalo brand prescription diets. We have a full inventory of pharmaceuticals, prescription shampoos/conditioners, heartworm/flea/tick preventatives, and probiotics. We also have an online pharmacy with a wider selection of products for your pet's needs.

End of Life Services

Alison Animal Hospital is equipped to provide humane euthanasia upon consultation with one of our veterinarians. We partner with Regency Forest Pet Memorial in New Jersey for cremation.

Emergency Exams

We are open 6 days a week and take in emergencies case by case. If necessary, we refer to a 24 hour emergency facility and coordinate care accordingly.

International Travel Certificate

To schedule an appointment for a USDA APHIS accredited veterinarian click here in order to generate an international health certificate please.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue

We are honored to partner with Sean Casey Animal Rescues. In addition to our Bi-annual SCAR Spay/Neuter-thon, we also give an initial no-cost wellness exam within one month of adoption.

Pet Desk

Download the Petdesk app on android or apple store and connect directly to your pet's chart. With our petdesk app you can schedule appointments, request medication refills, receive text message reminders, 2 way text with front desk, enjoy a loyalty program, and set up reminders for monthly prevention.